Please allow the capability to update fields that are the same (dependent) in all apps with record links from both directions, including after a record link has been created. For example: site pin with site details. A record link to survey details for that site. When info in the site details is updated, the survey is not updated with that information as the survey has already been created. If the there are spelling mistakes or errors in the fields in the site details, these changes can be fixed however these changes will not carry over to the surveys. The surveys will have whatever errors were present when the record link was created. There is no possibility to update the data after the link has been created unless you manually do it... which is time consuming and can result in errors.
This causes a nightmare of data issues as changes can be made in the survey and not show up in the site or vice versa.
Being able to push changes forwards and backwards through record links should be a possibility. Please make this work! My data is getting so messy and makes me consider not using records links.