New Shared View Formats!
We are pleased to announce that Fulcrum now supports KML and the Esri Feature Service output format for Shared Views!
With support for common open data formats already implemented (CSV, JSON, GeoJSON), we’ve been focusing our resources on the geospatial community and Fulcrum’s implementation of Esri’s Feature Service represents a major step toward better interoperability between the two platforms.
Feature Services allow applications to
intelligently serve features over the internet and provide the symbology to use when displaying the features
. What this means for users is that it’s now easier than ever to directly plug your Fulcrum data into the Esri suite of applications.
Any Fulcrum view that is explicitly shared (not private) now implements an Esri Feature Service endpoint with a single Feature Layer, representing the view’s records. This read-only layer can be queried directly, referenced in a web map, or added to desktop GIS.